Top 10 Augmented Sourcing Tools to Find Qualified Candidates

Nikhil Prakash

Nikhil Prakash

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The job market is getting increasingly competitive, and hiring managers must step up their game, especially when finding the right talent. From sourcing the right talent to scheduling interviews to finalizing the candidate, recruiters have a lot on their plate. These tasks get tedious and time-consuming when done manually.

Talent sourcing is a landmine for many hiring managers, especially when hiring for niche-specific roles in startups. 52% of recruiters have reported that screening candidates from a large pool of applicants is the most challenging task.

The talent acquisition process must be simple, efficient, and thoroughly systematic. Hence the ideal solution to save the time and efforts of the hiring team is embracing technology to optimize hiring processes.

Luckily, augmented sourcing can save the day for countless recruiters scratching their heads in search of their next hire.

This blog gives an insight into the basics of augmented sourcing for hiring managers and a list of the 10 best augmented sourcing tools to choose from. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

What is augmented sourcing?

Augmented sourcing uses data intelligence to provide hiring managers with a 360° view of candidates beyond resumes and cover letters. It allows internal teams to scale up with the right talent while simultaneously dialing down your sourcing needs.

Companies can use augmented sourcing tools to automate and streamline hiring by leveraging automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies. This way, you'll only look at the most relevant candidates who already meet your requirements.

The best augmented sourcing tool helps you effortlessly achieve your hiring goals.

Benefits of Augmented Sourcing

Augmented sourcing offers a plethora of benefits to hiring managers, such as:

  • Optimizes unstructured data of resumes into a list of best-suited candidates
  • Displays only relevant candidates as per job descriptions
  • Outperforms platforms like LinkedIn by refining your search and offering in-depth insights
  • Saves countless man-hours spent on reviewing LinkedIn profiles and candidate outreach

How to choose the right augmented sourcing tool?

Since 58% of recruiters strongly believe in using AI to source candidates, investing in the best augmented sourcing tool is prudent if you want the best results.

When looking for the right tool for your organization, make sure you go through the following checklist:

Ease of Use

Nothing is more frustrating than buying a subscription to a digital tool and not being able to use it well. When selecting an AI recruiting system, ensure your team can use it easily when performing their day-to-day tasks.


Another feature to consider is integrating the recruitment software with your current software stack. The best recruiting software should seamlessly integrate into your sourcing workflow. With the right hiring tool, you can quickly assess the candidates you source into your ATS.

Promoting Diversity in Hiring

Diversifying and nurturing a more inclusive workplace is a top priority for many companies. Search for the best AI recruiting software that fulfills your diversity goals without overcomplicating the hiring process.

Top-Notch Candidate Communication

In today’s job scenario, delayed communication is unacceptable for most candidates. If you fail to reach out soon - you can lose out on a great hire. An efficient hiring tool consists of a communication dashboard that connects you with candidates and automates personalized messages.


If you choose to invest in only the best augmented sourcing tools, ensure you have the proper budget for it. Prioritize getting your money's worth by reviewing and shortlisting a particular number of tools before you make the final call.

Read more to see a list of the 10 best AI recruiting software based on the type of solutions they offer. You can also review their strengths and weaknesses to make a more informed decision.

10 augmented sourcing tools

Want to find the best augmented sourcing tool for your company? This list has everything from reviews to pricing to ratings so that you can make the right choice! Keep scrolling for the top 10 augmented sourcing tools in 2022.


Covey is the ideal integration of everything a recruiter needs. It uses sophisticated machine learning and data intelligence to create an on-demand platform, helping you scale up and dial down your sourcing needs. With Covey's Augmented Sourcing, you can save countless hours for candidate sourcing.


  • Goes beyond LinkedIn keyword searches to find candidates that match your requirements
  • Identifies 75-100 different attributes in candidates
  • Automatically runs it against 100M+ candidate profiles to find the right fit for the role.
  • Access to configurable custom preferences to accelerate your sourcing process.
  • Operationalizes leveraging your teammates’ networks while hiring candidates
  • Discover candidates' emails with over 95% accuracy
  • Set up sequences, and create email drip campaigns with just one click
  • Complete visibility into candidate pipeline progress, recruiting team performance, and diversity goals.


  • Not available if you aim to self-self with their augmented sourcing product.

To find out Covey's Pricing, schedule a demo with us now.


TurboHire is an AI-powered talent acquisition platform that aims to help to hire managers to streamline each stage of the recruitment process. It has intelligent recruitment automation features such as AI-based career pages for capturing relevant candidates, a LinkedIn chrome extension for smart sourcing, automatic interview scheduling, and much more.

G2 Rating: 4.6/5 (60 reviews)


  • Access the candidate's information quickly through custom filters.
  • A customizable platform that allows for defining specific characteristics needed to meet the prerequisites of the desired job profile.


  • Unfriendly UI not allowing recruiters to see multiple parts of a candidate's profile as a whole
  • The interview meeting feature is not mature but rather in its early stages. During interviews, all members may get dropped off.

TurboHire offers 4 plans:

Free Plan: It offers only intelligent recruitment features.

The Pro Plan offers a 14-day free trial with access to intelligent recruitment features and candidate discovery capabilities.

Premium and Enterprise Plans require a custom quote.

Zoho Recruit

As is typical with all of Zoho's products, Zoho Recruit is quite robust and feature-rich. Zoho Recruit can be customized and tailored for all organizations, regardless of size. Zoho can source candidates from over 75 job boards and keep track of every touchpoint, from application to hire. Typical talent acquisition tasks like email management, interview scheduling, and updating a candidate's status can be automated.

G2 rating: 4.4/5 (1352 reviews)


  • You receive ATS and a CRM in one platform.
  • Zoho Recruit includes a free version and a feasible paid version
  • Many features, such as video interviews, are available as optional add-ons.


  • The free Plan only allows for 256MB of storage.
  • The career site is only partially customizable past a specific paid plan.
  • Certain additional features, such as workflow alerts, client portals, mass email, and API calls, cost extra.

Zoho Recruit has 3 pricing plans:

Free Plan: Best for recruiters or individuals looking to fill 1 role

Standard Plan: $30 per user, ideal for companies with less than 100 employees

Enterprise plan: $60 per user is best for large-scale enterprises


hireEZ helps scale organizations with intelligent sourcing, engagement, analysis, and integrations while working with existing platforms. hireEZ has an extensive database of candidates perfect for recruiters who are looking for hard-to-find candidates. It pulls candidate data from over 45 platforms, and clients can browse around 800M candidate profiles.

G2 rating: 4.7/5 (211 reviews)


  • Ability to search on multiple platforms.
  • Offers pointed filters for narrowing down your search criteria
  • Building Boolean search strings within a few clicks.


  • It often pulls up people who don't meet the criteria.
  • It is usually not up to date.
  • According to users, the platform seems to get glitchy at times.

Basic: This free Plan is best for users who want to give hireEZ a try.

Premium: Costs $79 per month ($948 annually) and is best for individuals interested in finding contact information.

Essential: Costs $169 per month ($2,028 annually) and is best for individuals who aim to source and engage with candidates faster.

Enterprise: Best larger collaborative teams interested in an AI-powered candidate search and data hub. Contact their sales team for Pricing.


Manatal helps hiring teams find candidates in many ways, such as uploading candidate profiles and automatically enriching them with data received from their social media accounts. It also provides a LinkedIn chrome extension that helps recruiters quickly connect with and shortlist the candidates who fit your job requirements. You can also create a custom-branded career page, post jobs to job boards, and gain referrals from employees and other contacts.

G2 Review: 4.8/5 (130 reviews)


  • Manatal is feasible and offers a 15-day free trial so users can test out the platform before making the final call.
  • It is easy to use
  • Manatal's AI-based recommendations can save hiring managers a lot of time.


  • The AI recommendations feature works best only with resumes in English and is not as accurate with other languages.
  • Users have also complained about Manatal's interface being available only in English and that the career pages cannot be published in other languages.
  • Manatal doesn't offer a free plan.

Manatal has two plans with fixed Pricing:

  • Professional: It costs $15 per user per month for 15 jobs per account and 10,000 candidates. You can add unlimited guests.
  • Enterprise: Costs $35 per user per month with unlimited jobs per account, and you can add unlimited candidates and guests.


HireVue is a hiring platform that combines multiple solutions such as video interviewing, building interviews, assessments, scheduling, AI recruiting, and text-powered recruiting. It integrates seamlessly with companies' tech stacks to reduce redundancy and double-entry of data.

G2 Rating: 4.1/5 (94 reviews)


  • Its virtual assistant can perform an initial screening of the applicants, send out messages and get responses in return.
  • It has a remarkable on-demand interviewing feature.
  • Their implementation team and customer support are highly responsive.


  • Very expensive
  • Limited integration with the tech stack
  • Too much automation leads to unwanted candidates.

HireVue has two pricing plans:

  • Essentials: The plan costs $35,000 per month for a company consisting of 2500-7500 employees. It includes custom branding, live and on-demand interviewing features, and single language configuration.
  • Enterprise: This Plan is ideal for companies having more than 7500 employees. In addition to the Essentials plan's features, this Plan comes with scheduling, a chatbot, pre-built ATS integrations, and analytics, among others. Pricing is custom, and you must request a demo to receive a quote.


Recruiters aiming to source top-of-funnel candidates outside LinkedIn can use SeekOut to find and contact candidates. The tool sources from an expansive list of candidates with over 780M profiles. One exciting feature is their use of GitHub data. They can build an engineer's profile based on their contributions to different code repositories.

G2 rating: 4.5/5 (578 reviews)


  • Sources from tons of external databases
  • A search engine-like platform to find the perfect tech hires
  • Presents complete candidate profiles, including participation in conferences, academic papers, and more


  • Limited resources for companies based outside of the USA and Canada
  • Some of the profiles on the platform can be outdated.
  • Lags or glitches between the candidate's information from the source

Seekout has 3 different pricing plans:

  • Premium: You gain access to 441M+ candidates' profiles, people insights, and contact info for 500 candidates per month and can export 5,000 profiles per month.
  • Premium Tech: All Premium, plus specific tools for sourcing tech talent. These include Coder Score rankings, a GitHub search tool, direct access to candidates' code, and tailored insights.
  • SeekOut Expert: Explicitly designed for Engineering and Life Sciences hiring.


With Entelo, you can find suitable candidates that meet your criteria and automate your outreach, all via one platform. The latest Envoy platform aims to deliver qualified candidates directly to your inbox.

G2 Rating: 4.3/5 (113 reviews)


  • Provides accurate candidate contact info, which reduces outreach efforts.
  • Any email you send to a candidate on the platform can be tracked accordingly.
  • Entelo has a diversity filter as well.


  • Difficult to find contacts of candidates outside the US.
  • Entelo does not track the profiles which have already been viewed
  • The profiles can be outdated
  • The Envoy feature using AI and predictive analytics fall short of the LinkedIn recruiter.

Entelo's Pricing: Not available on their website. Reach out to their sales team for a quote.


Interseller's platform allows recruiting teams to leverage the similar kind of powerful technology that sales teams use to engage prospective customers in the context of candidate sourcing. Specifically, the tool lets users source talent online via the chrome extension. Then, it puts them into email sequences with automated follow-up and a layer of intelligence designed to secure your deliverability rates.

G2 rating: 4.7/5 (188 reviews)


  • Very user-friendly
  • It's excellent at finding personal emails
  • Integrates with most ATS/CRM
  • The Interseller team is super helpful and considers feedback and suggestions.


  • Lot of manual work to get the names into the system.
  • There's no option to automate Inmail messages or connections.
  • It will find an incorrect email about 33% of the time or an old email address for a potential candidate that they no longer check.
  • Can't handle non-ASCII characters (e.g., ö,é,à,ç) very well in names.

Interseller Pricing

  • Standard: It costs $100 per user per month and is best for individuals or teams reaching out to new and existing contacts.
  • Recruiter: $200 per user per month, ideal for recruiters with complex hiring needs.


Jobvite is an all-in-one recruiting platform that offers features across the recruiting funnel - from sourcing and managing candidates via CRM and managing workflows to communicating with hiring managers and reporting through custom dashboards and reports.

G2 rating: 4/5 (507 reviews)


  • Allows for customization to each company's needs
  • Helps manage your pipeline, especially with a high number of applications.
  • User-friendly UI/UX


  • Initial set-up is a highly complex process.
  • Delay in responses from customer support
  • Building reports feel a little clunky and often require more support.

Jobvite Pricing: $500 per month for companies with less than 100 employees

Wrapping it Up

Recruiters should no longer have to manually scroll through hundreds of LinkedIn profiles to find the perfect candidate when we live in the golden age of technology. The best AI recruiting tool gives the hiring team clarity on the candidate pipeline. Moreover, it must highlight network connections who are top talent and whose values match your company's vision and mission.

Covey checks all these boxes and is the best augmented sourcing tool trusted by large enterprises like Miro, Clockwise, and more. Schedule a demo now to reduce your sourcing efforts by 85%.

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