Introducing Covey Scout

Vijay Mani

Vijay Mani

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At Covey, we're committed to helping find and hire the best-fit talent. In this market, that means helping talent teams operate lean and cost-effectively, allowing humans to do what they do best while letting intelligent machines do all the mundane work. Say hello to Covey Scout, the world's most advanced AI-sourcing assistant.

Covey Scout is your AI sourcing assistant trained to find and evaluate talent like you would. By describing, in your own words, how you would evaluate a candidate profile, along with any trade-offs you'd make, Scout will generate a bot to execute your strategy. Scout will then search through millions of candidates, evaluate them (just like you would), and reach out to them with personalized drip campaigns, seamlessly integrating with your inbox and other existing talent systems.

As the hiring manager or recruiter, you have full control over your sourcing strategy, and Covey Scout is your trusty sidekick. You decide what a great profile looks like, and let Scout do the rest! This allows you to shed the mundane and taxing role of starting at 100s to 1000s of profiles and instead allows you to focus on doing things only you can do – creating authentic candidate relationships, managing stakeholders, and truly helping build your company.

Covey Scout's AI-powered capabilities are unparalleled. It can infer associated skills, analyze unstructured data, understand conditional nuance, evaluate candidates' experiences based on companies they’ve worked for, and so much more!

But that's not all. Covey also offers a suite of table stakes tools that will elevate your sourcing processes to the next level. The candidate relationship management (Covey CRM) platform, email finding and outreach automation tool, analytics suite, and referral portal are just a few of the features that will supercharge your sourcing efforts.

With Covey, the future of sourcing is here. Get ready to revolutionize the way you hire.

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