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Covey connects everyone in the hiring process so teams can identify, source, engage, and hire better talent, faster.

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One comprehensive platform

Covey is the perfect integration of all the things a recruiter needs. Covey helps you source, sends drip campaigns, gathers referrals, and provides candidate pipeline reporting.

Covey is the intersection of every single thing we were looking for – it's like a Swiss army knife and that is why it's been so impactful.

Flexible Platform

Customize Covey to work for you

There is no silver bullet in recruiting.
Covey is built for you to use it in multiple aspects the way you need.

Referral Network

Operationalize the process of tapping into teammates’ networks and hire the best talent.

Augmented Sourcing

Get quality candidates every week with configurable custom preferences to accelerate your sourcing process.

One-click Outreach

Outreach more in half the time. Discover emails, then create sequencing or email drip campaigns for cold outreach.


Build talent databases as you go. Easily track, report, and download data and insights on candidates and pipeline.

Outreach qualified candidates, and close on hires, faster

Personalize at scale, automate follow-ups, and use our best-in-class email-finding tool to get in touch with more candidates faster.


Visualize and hire from your employee network

Covey gets your employees to highlight network connections who are top talent and values fit for the company. Look into your employees’ network and reach out to talent that they already know. Covey makes it easy to visualize connections matched to all open job opportunities within the company.

Reimagine your talent acquisition budget

Scale up recruiting resources quickly when you’ve just raised a round without relying on contingency agencies or adding a heavy load of full-time hires. With Covey’s Augmented Sourcing, get quality candidates to talk to and save hours of sourcing time.

Unlock insights. Fuel your recruiting engine.

Give your recruiting team and leadership complete visibility into candidate pipeline progress, recruiting team performance, and diversity goals.

The New York team was expanding and needed a strategic Customer Success leader. The requirements for this role were niche. The role had been open for 5 to 6 months. With Covey, I could source through Miro’s employee network, set up a sequence email, and put it on a drip campaign. We ended up hiring an existing connection of one of our leadership in 1 month.

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