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Outbound sourcing supercharged

If you’re already sourcing on LinkedIn, Covey makes you 10x more productive

Automatically find emails, automate follow ups, and leverage intelligent placeholders to maximize how many candidates you can reach out to and get responses from.

Re-imagined Referrals

Covey allows you to create leverage by engaging your employees and gathering unique insight across their networks

Scale sourcing parties in a way it’s never been done before. We’ve re-imagined what it means to get a referral and made it super simple for your employees to offer amazing insights on talent they’re connected to — turning sourcing into a human experience.

Scaled relationship database

Manage prospect relationships on an ongoing basis — while effortlessly building your talent database

Covey parses out every skill for every individual sourced in the CRM. This means that they can get auto matched when new roles open up. The same matching also powers our world class search.

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