The product has been a ‘godsend’ because it’s ‘just so good’

Dominic Miraglia, Chief Commercial Officer


How Covey helped Savoya scale up post-COVID

Savoya does chauffeur service for the Global 2000. They focus on serving the C-suite executives and Board of Directors – the highest value travelers within an organization.

Savoya provides an ultra-high level of service using a tech platform for their customers to book, modify and manage their travel.

The Challenge

When Savoya first started using Covey, they were hit hard by the pandemic like everyone else in the travel and hospitality industry.

Dominic, the Chief Commerical Officer of Savoya, was looking for ways to recover, efficiently. They had 80 employees pre-pandemic but had to scale way back and got all the way down to 13 employees. They needed to rebuild.

Due to the powerful, collaborative, easy-to-use nature of Covey, functional leaders from Operations to Sales to Finance were able to hire talent for their own teams using Covey.

The one thing that resonated with every hire that Savoya made was that they really felt like hiring managers took time to reach out personally to their email. Most of them said they would never responded to a LinkedIn message, but because someone from Savoya emailed their personal email, they responded.

Outcome with Covey

  • 90% of hires made through Covey
  • Recruiting culture with 100% hiring managers involvement
  • 50% of cost to hit target number of hires compared to agencies or full recruiting team
  • Accomplished hiring goals with fixed cost rather than variable costs

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