As the market became more competitive, we needed to be more strategic in how we find candidates. Cold sourcing wasn't giving us the volume that we needed.

Hallie Byers, Senior Recruiter at Miro

Customer Story

How Covey became Miro’s MVP by decreasing time to close by 400% for hard-to-fill roles

Miro needed a recruiting platform to help with the lack of volume that cold sourcing was bringing in. They needed a powerful tool to uplevel their speed, glean powerful insights, and infuse employees’ referral networks into the recruiting pipeline every step of the way. They also required an outreach solution to engage candidates.

This is the story about how Covey made an immediate impact and engrained itself in the recruiting culture at Miro - from its technical teams to business teams and international teams.

Hyper-scale requires a different approach to hiring

Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to work effectively together, from brainstorming with digital sticky notes to planning and managing agile workflows. Today, Miro is a mission-critical platform. Miro’s technology enabled real-time co-creation like never before as the entire world went remote in 2020, with some virtual whiteboards being used simultaneously in more than 40 countries. It has been two years of hyper-scale and colossal innovation for the company, passing the milestone of 10 million global users and growing more than 800% in revenue.

Since implementing Covey, Miro has seen

  • The team close on hard-to-fill roles in 20% of the typical time taken (1 month versus 5 months) through Covey’s referral network platform.
  • A 3-week reduction until recruiter hits productivity average, which translates into an additional $45K per new recruiter.
  • Recruiters send a sequence of emails and drip campaign to candidates with just one click, getting them into their funnels 10X faster.

How Miro met Covey

Hallie Byers joined Miro as a Recruiting Manager and has seen it grow 5X to 1,200 employees across six hubs internationally.

When she first started out at Miro, it was a lean recruiting organization coming up against a fast-growing company and tight talent pool.

As the market became more competitive, we needed to be more strategic in how we find candidates. Cold sourcing wasn't giving us the volume that we needed.

In short, Hallie and her team had to do more with less. To stay strategic and resourceful while hitting recruiting goals, she needed to have the best recruiting platform to succeed. She did not want to be throwing multiple tools at the lean recruiting team. When she began exploring solutions that could help her team be more efficient, she and her team were drawn to Covey due to how comprehensive the tool was.

The ability to use Covey as a sourcing as well as a referral gathering tool and the power of those two things combined is a big selling point. Also, I didn't see any competitors doing the kind of dashboard reporting that Covey was doing.

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A Global Powerhouse

Miro Company Highlights

Miro has hubs in the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Amsterdam, and Germany.





From the bench to the MVP

Miro began rolling out Covey to its recruiting teammates and hiring managers and saw that they were using Covey, seeing its benefits, and, most importantly, sharing these insights with other folks within the organization.

Covey works supplemental to LinkedIn and allows recruiters to send multiple emails with one click. This is very helpful, especially for teams in tech recruiting where they have to do so much more sourcing.

When recruiters saw that they could look into their hiring managers’ networks, they were stoked. They were so excited about using both of those things to bring more people into the process and to make sourcing more collaborative.

Covey helps to prove hiring managers’ impact to them. It shows hiring managers that they have all these people in their network that are already a match for this role.

Once the hiring managers started using it, there was no turning back.

Covey's value to hiring managers - an easy way to visualize and allow recruiters to leverage their networks - made a massive difference in adoption. The recruiting team could see that it was not just a tool where they had to be out on a limb on their own as a recruiter. The hiring manager would use it too, which helped build a culture of recruiting that is now core to Miro’s collaborative recruiting culture.

Closed hard-to-fill role 5x faster

The New York team was expanding and needed a strategic Customer Success leader. The requirements for this role were niche - they had to be from a product-led growth company, been through an IPO or an acquisition, and comfortable in a high ARR space. The role had been open for 5 to 6 months.

With Covey, Hallie could source through Miro’s employee network, set up a sequence email, and put it on a drip campaign. The candidate got the first email and was not ready to leave. However, the second email caught them on the right day at the right time, and she decided to take the call. The power of Covey’s automated follow-up was tremendous to bring the candidate in the door.

The candidate had a couple of supplemental conversations with her network already on Miro, which was one of the main reasons she joined. Miro ended up hiring one of her direct reports and then brought them on board as well. The visibility to employees’ referral network and harnessing that was the glue that got the deal together.

Covey’s referral network helps visualize connections in the network matched to all open job opportunities within the company.

Senior Recruiter, Miro

New hires start sourcing their first week on the job

Typically, new hires get ramped up and become productive - actively sourcing and taking phone calls - at week 3 or 4. Covey helps them to start sourcing in their first week.

The team can introduce a req to them and then hand them Covey since the setup for Covey is super intuitive. They get candidates in their funnels way more quickly and can choose to start sending drip campaigns or sourcing through employees' networks. Covey helps them to find more people in the marketplace.

Recruiters often gush about the tool when onboarded with Covey as part of their Welcome to Miro experience. "This is so cool. How do I get my hiring managers on this? When can I get my hiring managers on it?" New hires are much more engaged.

Internally, Covey helps recruiters plug themselves into the team. With the setup of Covey, they get to meet more team members and introduce themselves to people who might have valuable referrals. Externally, they can do more volume (outreach), and then internally, they're making more friends, so they get more integrated into the culture.

“Covey is the perfect integration of all the things a recruiter needs. Covey sends drip campaigns, helps you gather referrals, and shows employees the impact they can make in hiring. It's easy to use and gets recruiters and hiring managers ramped up on, and it has excellent candidate pipeline reporting. It is the intersection of every single thing we were looking for. And that I think is why it's been so impactful. My people are so excited about it because it does so many things, and it's like a Swiss army knife.”

Hallie Byers
Senior Recruiter, Miro

The secret to great hit rates

Hallie shared some secrets behind the team's incredible hit rates that is well above industry average.

With Covey's One-Click sequencing and outreach feature, Miro was way more creative in their emails to potential candidates. In their first email, it is all about who Miro is. By the second email, they get creative and would, for instance, link all of their most-viewed press articles. They even built out a candidate Miro board that they would send in the third follow-up.

It's a combination of being able to send a sequence of emails and then being able to drip campaign the information.

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The data speaks for itself

90%Open Rate

45%Reply Rate

22%Responded Interested

5xFaster hires

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