I chose Covey's Augmented Sourcing over other tools because sourcing doesn’t have to be entirely on me. It's like having a sourcer doing work for me.

Nikhil Prakash, Recruiter


how Kumospace attracted and hired phenomenal engineers and product designers as an early stage startup with one recruiter

Kumospace is a developer of an online immersive video chat platform. Kumospace's platform facilitates users to connect people through video, voice, chat, and content sharing and provides the security of video conferencing, enabling users to host face-to-face videos and connect friends across various devices and locations in a single meeting.

Thousands of hybrid and remote teams use Kumospace today, some for more than five hours per day. Kumospace users can move around the virtual space to join private rooms with features like status messages and simultaneous screen sharing.

The Challenge

When Kumospace set out to hire its first few engineers, the hiring environment was extremely competitive, and salaries were sky-high.

Kumospace has huge ambitions for its products and so, the hiring bar at Kumospace is set high and non-negotiable, especially for engineering.

While Nikhil, the only recruiter in the company was actively outbounding to candidates, he was not able to keep up with the velocity and volume to fill the positions.

Instead of hiring another recruiter or sourcer that would have driven up recruiting costs, Kumospace needed a solution that was cost-effective and on-demand.

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