I would say Covey’s augmented sourcing felt like having your personal SDR. I had to give a little bit of input and coaching on messaging, priorities, and a target ICP, or a profile for who we're going after, and then it was like magic to keep getting people coming in.

Ramya Venkateswaran, VP of Business Development


How Daily's Sales team hired 2 AEs in 30 days

Daily builds video APIs for developers — like Stripe for video calls. With a couple lines of code, developers can integrate a fully working video call in minutes, into any app or site. Video is the fastest growing content on the web, and developers rely on Daily’s APIs to build live features — including large calls, streams, virtual worlds, and webinars — across use cases, like events, edtech, telehealth, productivity, live commerce, and more. Daily has grown quickly with funding raised from investors including Tiger, Slack Fund, and YC.

The Challenge

Like any fast-growing startup, Daily’s is a recruiting resource-constrained company. Multiple organizations require headcounts and were thus vying for recruiting resources - from engineering to product, and Ramya Venkateswara, VP of Business Development at Daily.co always felt slightly impatient to get hiring for her organization going.

After a headcount planning exercise, they decided to bring on at least three AEs and an SDR.

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