“What is great about Covey is that we can bring our values and our processes in and Covey efficiently aligns with what we do. It allows us to grow recruiting very efficiently, instead of spending time building out a recruiting org.”

Nina Kuruvilla, Co-Founder, Daily


Daily reached a large pool of high caliber candidates from diverse backgrounds with Covey

Daily builds video APIs for developers — like Stripe for video calls. With a couple lines of code, developers can integrate a fully working video call in minutes, into any app or site. Video is the fastest growing content on the web, and developers rely on Daily’s APIs to build live features — including large calls, streams, virtual worlds, and webinars — across use cases, like events, edtech, telehealth, productivity, live commerce, and more. Daily has grown quickly with funding raised from investors including Tiger, Slack Fund, and YC.

The Challenge

For a fast-growing startup like Daily, talent is a key factor in growth. Nina, co-founder of Daily, believes that the ability to hire great talent is what differentiates them. Equally important for them was an emphasis on building the right team culture. Daily doesn’t rush their hires, and are focused on talking to candidates from different backgrounds. As a distributed team, they look beyond San Francisco for a truly national pool of candidates.

So, a major pain point for Daily was to find a tool that could help them reach a large pool of candidates with diverse backgrounds. Daily was eager to scout the market for brilliant candidates that would meet their very high standards, while also getting out of their own networks to ensure they were casting the widest net possible.

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