Of the candidates that make it to onsite, 95% of them are Covey approved, giving us great confidence in the quality that Covey's AI is identifying.

Jay Patel, Director of Talent Acquisition


Why Covey Scout Inbound AI is DoorDash's solution to achieving efficiency, speed, and quality

Question: What was the challenge that you were facing when you decided to utilize AI via Covey Scout Inbound?

One of the things that's been the most challenging for DoorDash is heavy applicant volume. We get north of a million applicants on an annual basis, probably closer to the 2 million mark.

From a candidate experience standpoint, we didn't want candidates to be sitting in the applicant pool for weeks and not hear back.

With the dynamic business changes, such as recruiting team size becoming smaller, we wanted to identify what other tools can help us ensure that we're able to get through candidates. You don't have the capacity to sieve through all the applicants in a timely way; or typically, that sort of capacity isn't the capacity you're looking to solve for as a primary.

Outcomes with Covey

  • 10X number of profiles a team member could review
  • Significantly reduced workload or recruiters
  • Candidates hear back on application in days instead of weeks, resulting in better candidate experience
  • Tool is helping to identify offer-worthy candidates
  • Cost-per-hire significantly decreased


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