The main benefit we see with Covey Scout is time savings and effectiveness. Covey Scout saved us almost half a million dollars and got us the people we needed.

Dominic Miraglia , Chief Commerical Officer


Covey Scout saved Savoya $500k in recruiting costs

When Savoya had to quickly scale up from 13 people, they didn’t have the budget or resources to have a recruiting team. Covey helped them stay lean, while at the same time “look and feel bigger” in order to attract talent, according to Chief Commercial Officer Dominic. Covey also saved them 6 months from building a recruiting team.

When Dominic used recruiting agencies, he had to pick between two or three candidates for instance, and he made bad hiring decisions due to desperation. He also felt the best candidates were not given unless one was paying top dollars.

Covey Scout, however, allowed him to see a much wider range of candidates based on the candidate archetypes he specified. All he needed to do was to describe how he would evaluate a candidate profile, and Covey Scout would generate a bot that executes his strategy.

Because of that, he was able to select high-quality candidates. He knew that if he didn’t find anyone he liked, he could get Covey Scout to outreach another 30 to 40 candidates based on the candidate archetype that he wanted, and he would get more people to screen. It gave him confidence that he wouldn’t be settling for candidates.

Outcomes with Covey

  • 9 hires made in 6 months
  • Hired for CTO, Product Manager, Account Executives, Software Engineers and Customer Success Managers.
  • Saved up to $500k in recruiting costs
  • Saved 6 months of time needed to ramp up recruiting
  • 80% email response rate from CTO search
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Company Highlights

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