I would absolutely recommend working with Covey. I appreciate the philosophy behind it. There was a technology piece that worked, and there was a human that strategized with me and supported the process. This was something I couldn’t find in traditional recruiting agencies or other self-serve technology products.

Davin Miyoshi, Co-founder and CPO


How Skillprint found the perfect Founding Product Designer through Augmented Sourcing

Skillprint identifies your strengths by analyzing the way you play games. They then share those insights with you in a fun way to help you get ahead in life. As you build your Skillprint profile, Skillprint enables you to share and compare with friends and colleagues and connect you with learning, development, and career opportunities to help you achieve your career goals.

The Challenge

Skillprint had been looking for their founding product designer for several months. This was a critical hire for the company as they needed an experienced designer who could turn the product, and collective product vision, into an amazing experience that users can connect with.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Co-founder of Skillprint Davin Miyoshi is familiar with different methods of recruiting. Before Covey, he tried several options, from job platforms to recruiting agencies.

With Product Designers, he found that they would not respond on Angellist for instance, a platform that he had found great success in finding early-stage technical talent.

When he explored the traditional recruiting agency route, he discovered that few retained recruiters would recruit product designers. When he finally found one to work with, the candidates that the firm ran by him weren’t the right fit.

Amongst all the tech solutions he looked at, it was clear that most of these companies were merely going to sell him a technology piece and leave the entire process up to him to figure out.

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