"Covey’s augmented sourcing tool has saved me so much time by sourcing and vetting candidates and automating outreaches. All I had to do was tell them all the details of what I wanted in a candidate - and they found me precise matches down to the type of companies a candidate has worked for and how much Kubernetes experience they have."

Stephanie Finck, Senior Recruiter


Sourcing niche Product Manager candidates with precision using Covey's Augmented Candidate Sourcing Tool

Kubecost is a cost optimization tool that helps teams working in Kubernetes to monitor their cluster costs. Their co-founder and CEO, Webb Brown, brought a wealth of knowledge from his previous product management roles at companies like Google. They were lucky to have such a strong product manager from the very beginning when they started in 2019.

But they reached a stage where they really needed Brown to be able to go back to being the CEO and less focused on the day-to-day product work. They also needed a dedicated product manager who could be a true partner in carrying out the vision they started with at Kubecost.

The Challenge

When Stephanie Finck joined Kubecost about a year ago,her greatest challenge—like many other startups—was weeding through the flood of candidates.

As the sole recruiter for Kubecost, bandwidth was her biggest struggle. This year Kubecost was averaging about 1,000 applicants a month—which makes it difficult for her to review resumes and meet with every candidate.

The sheer volume of applicants was especially challenging when hiring for the product manager. The role is technical and nuanced, and the new hire needed to align closely with the organization’s vision.

Stephanie knew they needed a strong vetting process that allows them to move quickly while still being thorough. That’s where Covey came in.

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