AppLovin had previously relied on specialized agencies to fill technical roles at 20% of its salary, and we never got the speed, cost-savings, and accuracy that Covey provided.

Anand Bheeman, VP of Talent


Lowered engineering cost-per-hire by 93%

AppLovin is a mobile advertising platform that helps app developers monetize their apps through ads, and advertisers reach their target audiences. AppLovin was looking for an experienced Machine Learning Engineer to join their team, who would be able to lead the development of an AI-driven ad targeting system.

The pool for Machine Learning Engineer is a really small one, and AppLovin was looking for more than technical aptitude or technical skills. They wanted candidates who have applied these skills specifically in the ad tech space, and show an entrepreneurial mindset since AppLovin has lean engineering teams.

Covey Scout Outbound sourcing product was able to figure out everyone in that pool that fit the criteria, first by identifying all the companies in that space, and then all the individuals that fit what the organization needed. Covey was then able to automatically outreach all the candidates and AppLovin had interested candidates to screen and interview before making their hire.

Outcomes with Covey

  • Hired for highly specialized engineering roles such as Machine Learning Engineers, Offensive Security Engineers and Fullstack Engineers.
  • Lowered engineering cost-per-hire by 93% ($43,000 -> $4,000).
  • Previously relied on specialized agencies to fill machine learning roles at 20% of salary.
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Company Highlights

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