“All we needed to do was to specify the specific requirements we need for each role. However nuanced the candidate criteria was, Covey Scout's AI bot found us the best matches - at a scale and precision that boolean searches couldn’t accomplish.”

Devin Collins, Global Director of Technical Recruiting


Covey Scout lowered Sendoso’s cost per hire by 70% and time to fill by 45%

When Devin Collins joined Sendoso to build out the technical recruiting team, his greatest challenge was weeding through engineering candidates. They were looking for Ruby on Rails engineers, and there are hundreds of thousands of them out in the market. The key was to figure which type of Ruby on Rails candidates fit Sendoso's engineering organization, and how to outreach them effectively.

As a lean technical recruiting team, bandwidth was their biggest struggle, making it difficult for them to flip through profiles manually. Covey helped solve this by surfacing candidates, including those with a greater depth of ruby experience on open source or additional projects.

Outcomes with Covey

  • 6 engineering hires in 3 months
  • Covey helped Sendoso solve their top-of-the-funnel problem by making their pipeline consistent with quality candidates to talk to every week
  • Passthrough rate increased by 30%
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Company Highlights

Leader in Account-based direct mail



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