The Covey team goes the extra-mile to fully understand what we're looking for and adjusts the criteria for our search. I appreciate the amount of calibration we've done for each role.

Sasha Martin, Head of People and Recruiting


How Vareto increased recruiter productivity by 138%

Vareto is a modern strategic finance platform that powers company planning, reporting, and operational decision-making, with onboarding in days, not months. Built for enterprise and growth-stage companies alike, Vareto is the secure finance platform that FP&A teams and their business partners want to work in due to its intuitive interface, customizable reports and models, and powerful automations and integrations.

The Challenge

Vareto closed its Series A fundraise and was looking to hire aggressively. They started their search for their first recruiter. For a critical hire like this, it took Vareto some time to complete the search. Before they eventually found Sasha Martin as their Head of People and Recruiting, they needed help with recruiting. Vareto onboarded several different staffing firms and didn't get results.

When Sasha joined to build out the recruiting function, she was initially hesitant about using Covey, based on her prior experience with similar tools. . She’s previously used and managed many recruiting tools with mixed results, but the responsiveness of the Covey team compelled her to give it a try.

Fast forward to less than a year later, let us look at some highlights of outcomes that Sasha and her team achieved thanks to Covey.

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