Using Covey helped us find passive candidates who are more aligned with the profile we need. That created a competitive edge for us

Grace Turner, Lead Recruiter


How Covey helped Zeal outreach passive candidates and speed up hiring velocity by 5X

Zeal helps companies build their payroll products. Like plug-and-play software, Zeal takes care of taxes, compliance, and payments so companies can focus on what matters to them - running their business and not worrying about payroll.

On top of Zeal’s easy-to-use payroll API, they are pioneering an all-inclusive tax engine to democratize a broken and cumbersome process. Zeal wants to provide accessibility to small, medium, and large businesses and help Americans get paid.

The Challenge

A fast-growing startup, Zeal was having difficulties with their top of the funnel for many of their open positions.

They raised a venture round and had 25 headcounts to fill in 5 months. The top-of-funnel roles that opened up ranged from engineering, product management, and operations and taxation. Up against a candidates’ market, Grace knew they had to find passive candidates to fill their top of the funnel.

Outcome with Covey

  • The team sped up hiring velocity by 5X
  • Greater involvement of employees in the sourcing process through Referral Network, yielding quality candidates.
  • Iteration of outreach messages leading to the incremental increase in opened, replied, and interested rates from candidates
  • Increased talent network activity and brand awareness

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