Find exceptional talent while staying lean

Find the best talent, without having to hire expensive agencies or scaling your internal team too quickly. Covey uses sophisticated machine learning and data intelligence to create an on-demand platform to help you scale up and dial down your sourcing needs instantly!

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"With Covey's augmented sourcing, we were able to scale up our recruiting capacity without adding headcount"

Michael Lipschutz
Head of Talent

"Conversation within our company shifted from classic top-of-funnel problem to providing candidates world class experience at closing"

Devin Collins
Global Director of Recruiting

"Due to Covey there's a huge uptick in our recruiting funnel activity. We can now cut back on sourcing time and use it for candidate follow-ups"

Sasha Martin
Head of People

"Covey's augmented sourcing has really been a diversity sourcing powerhouse for us"

Jenny Murphy

Recruiting at Clubhouse

The world's most innovative companies use Covey

Covey automates the painful parts of recruiting so you can focus on closing candidates

An intelligent platform that's affordable, transparent, and offers unmatched quality. Augmented Sourcing lets you focus on building relationships with top talent.

Incredible Speed

Covey empowers your recruiting team to interview more candidates in less time. Most of our customers have an offer out within 4-6 weeks.

Unmatched Quality

Get candidates to talk to weekly with the exact requirements that you are looking for.

Diversity Sourcing

Meet your diversity goals with a recruiting pipeline continuously filled with strong candidates from the get-go.

Augmented Sourcing goes beyond LinkedIn for a 360° view of the candidate

Covey's augmented sourcing goes beyond LinkedIn keyword searches to find you the candidates that match the profile you want — identifying 75-100 different attributes in candidates.

Once a checklist of requirements is set up, Covey will automatically run it against hundreds of millions of candidate profiles to find the best matches for you.

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Scale up efficiently

Scale up recruiting resources quickly without relying on contingency agencies or adding a heavy load of full-time sourcing hires.

Build relationships with Top Talent

Covey helps you source, sends drip campaigns, gathers referrals, and provides candidate pipeline reporting.

Unlock insights. Fuel your recruiting engine.

Give your recruiting team visibility into candidate pipeline progress, recruiting team performance, and diversity goals.